International Cooperative Education


Discover the significance of living
and working abroad


Join the hundreds of American college and university students who travel to Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America each summer, or for a few months, to live and work in paid positions.

ICE, you'll gain invaluable international work, culture, and language experience which you'll carry with you the rest of your life.   Since 1971, ICE has placed more than 16,000 students in work/internship positions throughout Europe, Asia, and South America. ICE students have worked at automotive plants in Germany, schools in China, supermarkets in Japan, and in Aboriginal communities in Australia.

Each working experience is unique and tailored to the student's interests, language ability and goals. Click here to learn more about our Program, or here to review a few sample programs, and you can search our complete listing of jobs and internships.

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View flyers for our featured paid positions in Chinavolunteer positions in South America, and learn about our opportunities in France


ICE program participants benefit from the more than 40 years of placement experience of its founder Dr. Gunter Seefeldt.  Dr. Seefeldt makes every effort to match applicants and employers by traveling to the host country and, in most cases, interviewing potential foreign employers to determine the availability of internships/jobs for students from the United States.  The ICE process is thorough and complete, and has resulted in more than 16,000 placements. We here in the middle of Silicon Valley attempt to tailor your unique experience for your life goals and your professional future.


The fact that Dr. Seefeldt personally has traveled to the foreign venue, visited and met with the host employers distinguishes ICE from other programs purporting to offer similar services.  Dr. Seefeldt's comprehensive approach more than justifies the cost for the placement. 

For a detailed list of commitments and obligations of a program participant, please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).