International Cooperative Education


The ICE Program


ICE provides American college and university students with the unique opportunity to become immersed in a culture other than their own, and gain practical cultural and work experience abroad. As an ICE Participant, students learn language, local customs, cultures, and employment practices in a way that no book or classroom could ever teach them!

Explore a Culture

Globalization is upon us, and it is important that students learn to understand and appreciate the world outside our local borders. The only way to do this, learn a new language or understand a new culture, is to live it. The problem with studying cultures or a language in the classroom is that one usually does not learn to think in the language or the culture, since there are few, if any, effective reference points. The best that most students can do in a classroom setting is learn to translate quickly in their heads.


ICE provides students with the means to learn and think in a foreign language and culture, by living and accepting the culture in its natural setting.

Gain Invaluable Work Experience

ICE arranges internships with a wide range of employers, from global leaders to small family owned businesses. Students gain first-hand experience of what it is like to work overseas.

Each year brings many new opportunities. Our current associates include, but are not limited to: Migros, Governmental Offices, Schools in China, Siemens, BMW; Belgian, German and Swiss Banks; Children's Homes; Pro Linguis; Mini-Cooper; Wincor-Nixdorf; Aboriginal Communities; Mercedes Benz; Wacker Chemie; Porsche; private families; and retail stores.

ICE internships are available in a wide variety of employment fields, for example:

  • Teaching
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Banking
  • Retail Sales
  • Business, Marketing
  • Telecommunication
  • Insurance
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Health Science
  • Computer Science

and here to see a few sample programs.

ICE internships run between 8 to 12 weeks. Students usually work 30-40 hours per week, and either live with a homestay or with an employer sponsored housing program. Compensation varies by program. Depending on the particular employment situation, students earn a modest salary or stipend.

Internship Placement And Timing

Once a student is awarded a position in the ICE Program and the student pays the placement fee, ICE sets up an internship with a prospective employer, arranges for the necessary work permits, and coordinates housing with local host families, or with employer sponsored housing programs. ICE assists the student with other items as well; such as, providing helpful tips in preparing for the trip, preparing for the language requirements, or obtaining a work visa, which is required by some countries including England, Switzerland, Japan, China, and Australia.

Internship placements are made between February and May, prior to the Student's departure in June. Please note, employers in Europe and Asia will NOT offer employment internships to persons with body piercing (earrings accepted), conspicuous body tattoos, or males with hair below shirt-collar length. Students with work placements in Switzerland, England, Australia, China, and Japan are not permitted to enter these countries unless a work visa has been issued and stamped into the passport by the corresponding consulate in America. The visa is usually not issued before the end of May. No student may depart for work in these countries before May 31st

Immersion in Another Culture

The goal of the ICE program is immersion in the culture of another country, which is best achieved with a minimum of contact with home.  Our program is suitable for people who are used to functioning independently and will not become homesick.  It is recommended for people who have already spent protracted periods of time living away from home, such as in a dormitory or apartment.  You need to be self-sufficient for food, laundry, shopping, transportation, etc. Unlike the college environment, you will be unable to maintain constant contact via cell phone, email and texting. 

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