International Cooperative Education




Teach English at the Global Leadership University of Ulaanbaatar. Working conditions: Teaching English to adults in 45-minute sessions. The workweek is 30 hours. A Mongolian ESL teacher will provide initial guidance to you. This role includes a home stay with a local family including 2 meals per day. A monthly stipend of US$300 to cover miscellaneous expenses will also be provided. Requirements: Some teaching experience. ESL certification is preferred. Immigration requirements: No visa is required for interns staying 90 days or less. If you extend your stay, the local employer will assist in securing the necessary work visa.
Teach English at Nyramdal International Summer Camps with some 300 children from over 20 nations. Room and board included. Some 30 km from the capital of Ulaanbaatar
Teach English at Success Language Center in Ulaanbaatar.  Room and board included.
 ●  Teach English at the high school level at Global Leadership University in Ulaanbaatar.  32 hours/week Classes start at 8:30 am and end at 2:35 pm, Mondays - Fridays, each class lasts 80 minutes. 10 - 12 students per class. Housing is provided for free. Monthly stipend US $ 200. You can buy for about $30-40/month. Employment for ten students who would like to work 3 to six to twelve months.
Teach English to pilots in Ulaan Bataar for Eznis Airways, the local Mongolian domestic airline. The 240 staff members and 25 pilots need a person who is conversant in aircraft terminology to teach in English. The Mongolian Civil Aviation Authority requires of the pilots to have an English Aviation Level 4.  The ideal applicant can also teach basic conversational English. The program participant needs to develop a power point presentation describing the various parts of the aircraft with English titles, such as cabin, engine, aileron, etc.
Shijir International  New nanotechnology center 130 km north of Ulaanbaatar in the Boroo River Valley.  Work in a research and development center in the fields of nanotechnology, biotech, biochemistry, biology, mechanical engineering, human resources, biotech marketing, finance, teaching English, stem cell research, diabetes research,  anthropology, business administration, and for premed majors.  Free room and board plus a monthly stipend of $300.
 Teach English at the Jonon Institute of Technology in Ulaan Bataar.  250 students (undergraduates and graduates) attend this private institution.  Teaching assignment for a native English speaker - the classes offered at this institution include nano-engineering, nano-bio-technology, bio-chemical engineering, bio-processing engineering, philosophy and investment funding (finance and business). The institute provides housing with a local family or independent housing, and a monthly stipend of $ 250.00
Mongolian University of Science and Technology in Ulaan Bataar.  Teaching English to young instructors of the university from various academic fields , range: conversational English to technical English e.g. IT, telecommunication, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering. Housing provided at the Foreign Student House, plus a  stipend to cover food.
National University of Mongolia in Ulaan Bataar.  Teaching English in some of the following fields: Capacity Building and Training for in-house staff, civil engineering for the booming mining industry, corporate finance, ESL, philosophy. The university has 22,000 undergraduates and 5000 graduates. University provides housing.
Central Laboratory of the State Specialized Food Inspection Agency in Ulaanbaatar. Ideal for students interested in public health issues in developing nations. (room and board provided)
Cultural Institute of Mongolia. Must be native level of English speaker.  Teach English to students in high school, college undergraduates or college grad students.  Courses also include content of American culture such as music, dance, basic conversation, grammar, publishing/design, training for tour guide, cultural idiosyncrasies.  Also seeking library information specialist.  Teach 20 hours per week.  Free accommodations and some meals, plus monthly stipend of $200.
Success Language Institute - teach English 30 hours per week.  Free room and board plus monthly stipend of $300
Mongolian State Radio and Television Station in Ulaanbaatar.   This company has 600 employees and would like to have students teach English, deliver the news on-the-air, and work in production and program development.  Any time during the year for a minimum of three months.  Room and board only with local host-families belonging to the three Rotary Clubs of the capital city of Ulaanbaatar .
Wisdom Assets Holdings in > Ulaanbaatar, and Shirjir Bio Tech Manufacturing and Research Facility.  Bio-medical engineering, Venture Capital Finance, Bio-Tech Entrepreneurship,     Software Development Automation, library science with computerization, nanotechnology, biotechnology.  Free room and board plus a monthly stipend of $ 300
The Cultural Institute of Mongolia.  Teaching English to undergraduates.  Teaching Library Science to first and second semester students.  $ 450 per month.  Dates for the teaching assignment: September 1 – December 31, or February 1 – May 31    20 hours per week
Work for NGOs in Ulaanbaatar

Here's what one student had to say about his summer teaching English in Mongolia in 2009:

 " I can honestly say that I have had an amazing experience teaching English. The teachers, staff, and environment were all great.  As a first time teacher, I was a little worried about what I was getting myself into. I was so lucky to work at "Success" . I could not have asked for anything better. They stand out above the rest for their honesty and integrity. .. Sometimes I wondered how "Success" even makes a profit because so much time and money is spent into giving students a quality affordable and fun education. ... We were always given a long and restive lunch period and were able to relax in the evenings. We were always treated with kindness and paid well. Everyone who teaches at "SUCCESS" is really happy to work there. The school will be able to draw the best teaching talent based on their reputation. My time in Mongolia was everything I wanted it to be. I was made to feel real comfortable while being far away from home."