International Cooperative Education




Over the last 33 years, ICE has coordinated thousands of study and work/internships throughout the world.   We currently have positions available in: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, China, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, England, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Laos, Mali, Mexico, Mongolia, Peru, Scotland, Singapore, Switzerland and Taiwan.



The Mini-Cooper Plant Site is located in Oxford.


Language prerequisites: French or Dutch

Positions: banks, retail, clerical positions, summer camps, teaching English in private schools with additional counseling duties, agriculture, service related work in hotels and restaurants, and more…


Language prerequisite: German, beginning to advanced level

Positions: banks, clerical positions with the Arbeitsamt München, Wacker-Chemie (Personnel Department) in München and for chemical engineering students in Burghausen, German Aerospace (only for aeronautical interests, IT, mechanical engineering, etc.), retail in C&A stores in Bavaria, automotive assembly for mechanical engineering students with Porsche (R+D), Mercedes, various BMW plants, agriculture (live with a family), resort hotels, work for the German Red Cross, caring homes for the elderly (ideal for the premed or prenursing majors), summer camps, Munich Re-Insurance Co., and more…


Language prerequisites: German, French, Italian for Migros

Positions: the country’s largest department store chain, Loeb Department Stores, Swiss Post International with locations in Geneva (French), Bern, Zürich, Basel (German) and Lugano (Italian), Sportzentrum Greifensee, Credit-Suisse, Migrosbank, summer camps in Western Switzerland and more...




Language required: Mandarin Chinese, beginning to advanced level, a B.A. degree in English, ESL, Asian Studies, strong interest in teaching.


1. Teaching English in or near Shanghai and Beijing. The Changzhou Institute of Technology (10,000 students) needs three teachers who could begin a six or ten months assignment as early as February 1, 2004.

2. Wincor-Nixdorf in Shanghai: advanced students in marketing, economics, IT, computer science with strong marketing interests in the field of ATM solutions. Language prerequisite: fluency in Mandarin Chinese.

3. Bio-Tech Co. and TICA Air-conditioning Co. in Nanjing: advanced students for marketing/distribution of start-up products (disinfectants) and sophisticated air-conditioning systems. Language prerequisite: fluency in Mandarin Chinese.


Prerequisite: two years of Japanese language studies, strong interest in the business aspects of a large food distribution chain.

Positions: Co-Op Saitama, Co-Op Tokyo, Co-Op Miyagi and Chiba University of Commerce Co-Op.


Technical areas only, i.e. electrical engineering, computer science, information technology. Advanced academic standing required.


Language required: oral proficiency in Vietnamese

Positions: Teaching English at various levels Social Work, city of Hanoi


Aboriginal Communities in Western Australia (Kimberley Region), total outback environment for advanced students in the fields of anthropology, interest in legal systems of indigenous people, marketing of Australia, economics, eco-tourism, arts, music, film/media/journalism, information technology, computer science, ESL, linguistics, and English. Please call for details.




Language prerequisites: Spanish (beginning to advanced level)

Positions: Employers cover the range from journalism to teaching of English as a second language, work with churches on specific social projects, computer engineering, agriculture (dairy products), hospitality work, in homes for mentally handicapped persons and more …

Academic standing: Junior, Senior or Graduate

Areas of studies/interest: education, biology/pre-medicine, agriculture, indigenous studies of the Incas or Indians, teaching technical English, teacher's aides, role model, art, animal husbandry, assisting with various community projects.

General Conditions: employer provides initial training, room and board.

Students must submit a lengthy resume in Spanish and be ready to accept a challenging environment as well as all other financial responsibilities. Previous experience as a scout, summer camp counselor or any other outdoor work is desirable. Our Northern summer becomes the heavy winter in the Southern hemisphere and cold or cool weather prevails. The internships do not have to conform with the academic summer vacation schedule of the student. They may be arranged for as long as six months or one year.