International Cooperative Education



 For all of our placements in Peru, we can offer you the services of a driver who can pick you up at the airport and provide you with a local cell phone or a SIM card for your own cell phone.  We can also arrange for stays at the La Quinta Eco Hotel upon arrival and departure, and if you want to take a break for a few days in Cuzco. 

● Centro de Salud Belenpampa.  Outskirts of Cuzco.  Medical clinic and hospital serving the very poor.  About 300 patients a day visit the facility.  Pre-med students needed to serve as volunteer medical assistants.  Spanish is required. Work hours 8 AM until 1 PM, five days a week.  Room and board can be arranged for a cost of $1100 - $1300 per month. To learn more about the Medical Center, visit

●   Mercedes de Jesus Molina.  Catholic orphanage one hour from Cuzco serving fourteen girls 6 to 16 years old. 
●   Santa Rosa de Lamay.  Catholic orphanage one hour from Cuzco.  Serves 52 girls ages 14 to 18 years old.
●   Monarchy orphanage in Urubamba 90 minutes from Cuzco.  Serves 72 children, boys and girls.  Bring your own sleeping bag.  Cost is US $12 per day which includes a place to sleep and eating 3 meals a day with the children.  Work days and hours are flexible
●   Teach English or art at Calca National School, one hour from Cuzco, near the main square of town.  There are 34 female students between 16 and 24 years old.  Cost is US$ 16 per day which includes housing and three meals.  Teach 6 hours per day, five days per week
●   Teach English in Calca (one hour from Cuzco) to mixed girls and boys.  School has 500 students.  Room and board provided by the city administration.
●    Medical posts at small hospital in Cuzco Prodein.  Ideal for pre-med or pre-nursing students.  They serve about 80 outpatients daily plus about 12 in-house patients.  Cost is US$ 12 per day which includes full room and board. 

 Peruvian Hearts. Help break the cycle of poverty by teaching English to young, orphaned women Location: Anta, in the Valle Sagrado, some 30 minutes from Cuzco and high in the Andes (11,000 foot elevation!) and close to Macchu Pichu. Some Spanish required.  Peruvian Hearts believes in the dignity and value of every child, and works to transform the lives of orphans and other children living in poverty in Peru through improved education, nutrition, and health care. Concurrent with their primary mission, Peruvian Hearts strives to educate youth around the world about the importance and value of giving back while inspiring them to become involved in service and philanthropy. They currently have 22 young women in the school. You will support this mission by teaching English, and/or volunteering at a local hospital. Working conditions: 8 - 10 hours of work per weekday with weekends free. Accommodation and 3 meals a day are included. Preferred majors include: sociology, education, early childhood development, art, horticulture, agriculture, dietetics, psychology, pre-med, hospitality and general business administration. Duration: minimum of two months Immigration requirements: No visa is required because interns enter Peru as visitors. Transportation from the airport in Cuzco will be provided.
 Westfalia Kinderdorf. Work with special-needs children in a German-sponsored and operated home for children.  In Cieneguilla, a suburb of Lima.  Some Spanish required. 
On large site of 80 acres is a very special place for 132 street children between the ages of 6 months and 22 years, to find safety and support. The youngest are often orphans and without given names. A small number of children are mentally or physically challenged and require extra special care and patience. These children are fully integrated with the rest of their “family” in the care home, where they all learn important life skills in a supporting and nurturing environment.  Working conditions: 8 - 10 hours of work per weekday with weekends free to explore Lima on your own or with other interns. Accommodation and 3 meals a day are included.  Preferred majors include: sociology, education, early childhood development, art, horticulture, agriculture, dietetics, psychology, pre-med, hospitality and general business administration. Duration: minimum of two months up to six months. No visa is required because interns enter Peru as tourists. Transportation from the airport will be provided.  Learn more about the organization here (available in German only):
 Hogar San Francisco de Asis.  The Hogar houses some 50 children from ages 6 months to 25 years old who are there for medical reasons, whose parents cannot normally afford medical treatment. It is an incredible location for anyone who has any kind of appreciation for children. The time here for volunteers is very structured and and the daily routines as well. Volunteer activities include: helping with meals, taking care of the babies, helping with homework and teaching English, taking children to the hospital or school, and other daily routines.  Volunteers are provided 3 meals and a room at the HOGAR. However, the local coordinator recommends choosing a family stay for a reasonable rate. Other housing options also include an apartment for longer term volunteers, hotel, or hostel a few blocks from the Hogar paid by the volunteer.  The Hogar is located in Chaclacayo, in the outskirts of Lima (a 30 minute taxi ride from the suburb of Miraflores.
 Casa de Milagros im Limay near Cuzco in the Valle Sagrada: home for 25 orphans under the supervision of Claudia Miroquesada, Director, Room and board included
 Tony’s Kids: 30: ages 4 – 18, mostly homeless in Chosica, 25 km from Lima, room and board included
 Order of Malta Hospital for the poor in Lima, food included.  Ideal for pre-med students
 Peace Corps sin Fronteras work in Pisco (to repair earthquake damage
 Luis Vargas Hospital in the jungle, different one week projects along the rivers leading to the Amazonas, room and board included
 Manos Unidas.  Manos Unidas runs a school and programs for children who have special needs. Volunteers work closely with children at the school and through various programs.  The cost for volunteers (minimum one month) is $ 600 for the first month and $ 450 for each additional month. This includes accommodations either at a host family or a volunteer house and three meals per day.  Located in Cuzco (altitude: 3,500 m = 10,000 ft.), the former capital of the Incas and gateway to Machu Picchu.
●  Unpaid internships in Lima, Pisco, Cuzco, Ica, Arequipa, Pira and Huaraz.  For participants of any age, four weeks or longer.  Ideal for those with minimal Spanish.  Various internships include:  teaching surfing, social work, public health, environmental education, construction, designing furniture, and nursing assistant for children with Down Syndrome.
(unpaid internships) - Agencia Peruana De Cooperacion Internacional in Lima. Social Development Search: Law Students, Pre-meds, Public Health Related areas.
Prison Fellowship International in Lima.  Work with dozens of other volunteers to spread a message of peace to prisoners and their families
(unpaid internship) in Lima, cultural and public affairs at the Canadian embassy, for the Noche de Arte project  Perfect for art student with business experience.  Open to citizens of all countries.  
Teaching English in impoverished areas of Lima
Various public health positions in impoverished areas of Lima
Teaching English for a private school with 800 students.  Various levels available from preschool to high school.  In Lima
● Waste disposal projects in Lima
● Business administration in Lima